The ASP Sensor

The ASP is an unattended ground sensor that has two focused PIR motion detectors, a microphone, geophone, and camera built into one small package.

Acoustic Signal Detector

The EDT Acoustic Signal Detector is a low level audio signal detector that is able to listen for specific sound signatures as quiet as 0 dB SPL (Sound Pressure Level). This is the threshold of human hearing. A whisper is typically 20 to 30 dB SPL.

Magnetic Field Sensor

The EDT Magnetic Sensor is designed to recognize metal objects moving along a pathway. A low power fluxgate magnetometer circuit using a tape wound bobbin core enables sensitive detection of vehicle passage. This sensor is ideal for ultra low power applications.

SR Short Range PIR

This low cost wireless PIR sensor is ideal for trails and urban enviornments. The batteries in this low power sensor can last for more than 2 years even when transmitting many detection events each day.


Fusion7 is a web based data visuialization and sensor event viewer application. Computers or mobile devices can login to Fusion7 using a standard web browser. Using the map share feature, any user can upload a custom map, image, or photo.

Fusion for Android

Fusion Mobile is an App for the Android operating system that enables users to view detailed report information transmitted by an EDT sensor on thier smart phone or android tablet. Using Fusion Mobile new sensor configuration parameters can be sent via bluetooth to a deployed device.

Vantage Point 4.7 (2015)

Vantage Point is a mission planning, flight monitoring, and recording software application. Originally developed in conjunction with the DAAR system used for Open Skies Treaty verification. The software is suitable for any flight planning and recording application and provides detailed report and analysis capability.


EDT designed the Data Annotation And Recording System (DAAR) for the "SAMSON" sensor pod. The pod is jointly owned and operated by Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Canada, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Portugal, and Spain. The sensor system is mounted on a C-130 Hercules aircraft for use on reconnaissance missions in support of the Open Skies Treaty.